Modern Trends in Structures Forming Systems
Heidelberg, August 7–11, 2017
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This workshop will be devoted to analytical and numerical methods for systems exhibiting formation of complex patterns. Such systems may arise from problems in materials science, biological problems or engineering.

The goal of the meeting is to bring together a broad spectrum of specialists working on different aspects of this field, including different methods for the analysis of the underlying system as well as mathematical modeling and numerical simulation. The conference should be an opportunity to exchange ideas and methods and identify challenging problems. The focus will be in identifying and understanding mechanisms of pattern formation, derivation of the effective macroscopic behaviour and emergence of singularities.


A welcome reception will take place on Sunday, August 6, at 7 p.m. in the common room of the Mathematikon (5th floor).

A poster session is planned on Monday at 12:00.

An excursion to Abbey Stift Neuburg by the Philosophenweg is planned on Wednesday afternoon.

A social dinner will take place on Wednesday at Kulturbrauerei Heidelberg AG , Leyergasse 6, at 19:00.
There is a participation fee of 10 euros. Furthermore, all drinks will be at the own expense of the participants.

Please note that, excepted for speakers, registration is free but mandatory.
The deadline for registration is Thursday, July the 27th. After that, please contact us directly.

A password protected zip folder containing all presentation slides as pdf files can be downloaded here.
The zip folders password will be emailed to all participants of this conference.